Include server-side logic for shinysurveys.

renderSurvey(df, theme = "#63B8FF")



Deprecated please only place argument in surveyOutput. A user supplied data frame in the format of teaching_r_questions.


Deprecated please place the theme argument in surveyOutput. A valid R color: predefined such as "red" or "blue"; hex colors such as #63B8FF (default). To customize the survey's appearance entirely, supply NULL.


NA; used for server-side logic in Shiny apps.


if (interactive()) { library(shiny) library(shinysurveys) df <- data.frame(question = "What is your favorite food?", option = "Your Answer", input_type = "text", input_id = "favorite_food", dependence = NA, dependence_value = NA, required = F) ui <- fluidPage( surveyOutput(df = df, survey_title = "Hello, World!", theme = "#63B8FF") ) server <- function(input, output, session) { renderSurvey() observeEvent(input$submit, { showModal(modalDialog( title = "Congrats, you completed your first shinysurvey!", "You can customize what actions happen when a user finishes a survey using input$submit." )) }) } shinyApp(ui, server) }