Get a participant's responses.

  custom_id = NULL,
  include_dependencies = TRUE,
  dependency_string = "HIDDEN-QUESTION"



A unique identifier for the survey's respondents. NULL by default, and the built-in shinysurveys userID will be used.


LOGICAL: TRUE (default) and all dependency questions will be returned, regardless of if the individual respondent saw it. For respondents who did not see a specific question, the 'response' will take on the value from the dependency_string argument. If FALSE, the output will have variable rows depending on which questions a given participant answered.


A character string to be imputed for dependency questions that a respondent did not see. Default is "HIDDEN-QUESTION".


A data frame with four columns containing information about the participant's survey responses: The 'subject_id' column can be used for identifying respondents. By default, it utilizes shinysurveys URL-based user tracking feature. The 'question_id' and 'question_type' columns correspond to 'input_id' and 'input_type' from the original data frame of questions. The 'response' column is the participant's answer. The number of rows, corresponding to the questions an individual saw, depends on the include_dependencies argument. If TRUE, by default, then the resulting data frame will have one row per unique input ID. If FALSE, the data frame may have variable length depending on which questions a given individual answers.


if (interactive()) {


 ui <- fluidPage(

 server <- function(input, output, session) {
   # Upon submission, print a data frame with participant responses
   observeEvent(input$submit, {

 shinyApp(ui, server)